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Solar-school in a bag

What’s inside?

Sputnique Backpack

Sputnique Backpack

  1. One LED projector: Sputnique provides most advanced battery-powered LED projector available in the market. Projector brand is ASUS. The projector can run on the battery for 3 hours.
  2. 2/1 Bluetooth Speaker: Depending on the need, Sputnique provide one or two JBL Bluetooth Speaker. It has its own battery backup for 20 hours.
  3. One computing stick: One ASUS or Intel computing stick.
  4. Keyboard: Wireless keyboard with mousepad
  5. Microphone: Built-in own speaker, Bluetooth controlled, with own battery backup
  6. Flexible solar panel: One flexible and high efficient mono-crystalline solar panel
  7. Sputnique Power Bank: Customized power management system to deliver different outputs to different types of devices. It can take power from solar panel or AC source and deliver according to the need to various devices.
  8. One USB hub
Projection Screen Bag

Projection Screen Bag

  1. Customized frame: A light-weight frame that can be assembled according to the need.
  2. Dual-side projection screen: A customized screen developed in such a way that one side can be used during daytime amid of bright sunlight and the other side in the afternoon or night. Since community-based trainings or sessions need to be conducted in open daylight, special coating and adjustments are being made to allow maximum visibility.


Advantages of Sputnique over existing options

When we think of providing training, organize workshops or awareness programmes in rural areas, usually we follow some standards processes like below:

  1. We train a group of Master Trainers, who then train regular trainers, and those trainers train the target audience directly or for bigger project the regular trainers train field staff who then provide training to the target audience. Due to this, the quality of training goes down from the level of Master Trainer to the final training target groups.
  2. During the training, we often use flip-cards, brochure, pictorial messages or similar approaches to transfer the knowledge or awareness.
  3. If there is plan to use audio-visual contents, the most practiced method is to carry a laptop, a big projector, even a bigger battery, projection screen, large sound boxes. Depending on the size of the audience, the system gets bigger, bulkier and at the same time more difficult to travel with it to the remote places.
  4. Due to huge logistic problem of carrying such system, we often hire community mobilizer to communicate different messages verbally in various groups – female group, adolescent group, male group, children group, farmer group etc.

All the approaches mentioned above have more than one disadvantages. Either you can’t carry large systems to many places, or even if you do, the issue of not having access to regular electricity hampers the training programmes. Sputnique runs on solar system and very easy to carry to anywhere. So going to most remote places and organizing sessions anytime is not an issue anymore.

Organizations can start using audio-visual contents to engage, educate and aware more people in the filed instead of using paper-based or verbal communication method. Training programmes that need to go multiple layers of trainings before reaching the target audience can directly train or engage the participants through Sputnique network. The Master Trainer can directly train people in the community or their own staff sitting at their branch offices using Sputnique.

Sputnique reduces huge cost of mobilizing human resource to or from the community and the overall cost of the project. It enables the organizations to deliver quality education, awareness or training programme at a faster rate. For example, to train 1000 health workers, you may need years depending on organization’s capacity and timeline, but with Sputnique, you can reduce it into less than a month.

Whats can be done?

What you can do with Sputnique?

Light of Hope develops an amazing product called Sputnique. It’s a solar-run multimedia projection unit that you can use anywhere anytime to take class, conduct training or run awareness campaigns. It comes with a low-energy consuming LED Projector with independent battery, a computing stick, sound-box with battery bank, a daylight projection screen package and everything is connected with Sputnique Magic Box. The Magic Box is a device that allows all the separate components to seamlessly connect and communicate with each other.

When the product is connected with a smartphone with internet connection that will allow you to carry out classes, trainings remotely in hundreds or thousands of schools, offices or locations. Now let’s see where you can use Sputnique?

 Education Programme

  1. Schools that are located in remote areas where there is no electricity, Sputnique can be used as a solar-powered multimedia classroom. You can store all the different audio-visual contents, educational materials etc. stored in the computing stick. The teachers can use it to run classes.
  2. There is a serious concern for regularity or operation of the existing multimedia classrooms. Teachers often simply doesn’t use the facility. You can keep track or monitor whether classes are being taken using the ‘in-built software’ that we put inside the computing stick.
  3. If you are a company, organization or Government Institute working in education sector that runs hundreds of schools in different locations, you can use Sputnique to take ‘live’ classes from a central location. Imagine you are connected with hundreds of Sputniques in different schools and the teacher can take the class using his/her smartphone from home or office.
  4. If you need to train your staff, school teachers or students on anything, you can also do that using the same method mentioned above.

It allows you to reduce huge operational cost to actually travel to fields, schools and train them. The quality of teachers will not matter since you can do that from a central location. You can literally connect with any location ‘real-time’ without worrying about electricity availability.

Health Programme

If your organization, company or institute is running health programme, small or large, you can use Sputnique solution for these below purposes:

  1. Health Worker Training: Many organizations like Government’s Ministry of Health, BRAC, Save the Children, Plan International run large-scale health programme where under the project they need to train their health volunteers. Usually there are multiple stages for any health training
  2. School student awareness programme: Many organizations arrange training or awareness programmes for students in schools on various health, hygiene, menstruation related issues. Programme officer can carry the Sputnique to the desired school or location to organize such programmes without worrying about the logistics.
  3. Community programme: Organizations run different community-based programmes where community members gather in a courtyard to learn and participate in various sessions. Sputnique is a wonderful solution for such situation where you need to work open air and typical projection system doesn’t allow you to do that. The projection screen is designed such that you can use the whole system under bright sunlight.

Training and Capacity Building Programme

All types of organizations run small or large-scale training programmes. They train their own staff, train teachers, health workers, farmers and other target groups. Technical trainings like health worker training, farmer training or teacher training usually requires multiple stages of intervention. Normally a group of Master Trainers are developed, then the Master trainers train regular trainers and then the regular trainers go to the field and train the target group. Because of this, the quality of the training is affected; the target audience don’t get the proper training that they could get from the people who develop the Master Trainers. Moreover, such project requires huge amount of investment in salary, training venue, logistics, travel and other purposes. And this often takes multiple years to complete the whole training programme for large-scale project.

With Sputnique you can make your training programme more cost effective, efficient and less time consuming.

  1. One or two trainers can arrange the training locally using the Sputnique. They can arrange the training anywhere anytime without thinking much about the other logistics and energy issue.
  2. Organization can organize central training where one or two trainer can give training and thousands of participants can attend the training from their field offices or locations remotely.
  3. Corporate offices can organize their training using Sputnique in their head office or local offices.

Agriculture Value Chain Programme

All the programmes that deal with any part of the agricultural value chain knows the importance and necessity of stakeholder engagement. Farmers, trainer, agriculture specialists, businesses need to regularly interact and transfer information, knowledge to others. When you are thinking of arranging farmer training, you know it’s highly unlikely that they will come to a formal training center to receive your training. You have to go to them. And Sputnique can do that for you.

  1. Organize training, campaigns, promotion near the field and close to farmers where they work with Sputnique.
  2. Thinking of Farmer School where farmers can come to learn? Sputnique’s network facility will allow you to run the sessions from your office where the farmers can get the training from their villages.

Different Awareness Programme

In any awareness programme where various groups like rural women, health workers, farmers, adolescent need to be engaged through audio-visual medium, Sputnique will be a great product. With this you can organize various programmes in community courtyard, in schools, beside paddy fields, in local markets or anywhere you want. Just put your contents in Sputnique’s hard-drive or on the web so that you can stream it later during the sessions. If you want, you can organize such event centrally covering multiple sites at the same time.

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