Portable Multimedia School in a Bag


Whats inside the back pack?

1. One LED projector: Sputnique provides most advanced battery-powered LED projector available
in the market. Projector brand is ASUS. The projector can run on the battery for 3 hours.
2. 2/1 Bluetooth Speaker: Depending on the need, Sputnique provide one or two JBL Bluetooth
Speaker. It has its own battery backup for 20 hours.
3. One computing stick: One ASUS or Intel computing stick.
4. Keyboard: Wireless keyboard with mousepad
5. Microphone: Built-in own speaker, Bluetooth controlled, with own battery backup
6. Flexible solar panel: One flexible and high efficient mono-crystalline solar panel
7. Sputnique Power Bank: Customized power management system to deliver different outputs to
different types of devices. It can take power from solar panel or AC source and deliver according
to the need to various devices.
8. One USB hub

And the Projection Screen Bag contains:

1. Customized frame: A light-weight frame that can be assembled according to the need.
2. Dual-side projection screen: A customized screen developed in such a way that one side can be
used during daytime amid of bright sunlight and the other side in the afternoon or night. Since
community-based trainings or sessions need to be conducted in open daylight, special coating
and adjustments are being made to allow maximum visibility.

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